Our staff’s work and departments are sub-divided into four divisions: African Safaris; Conferences and Event management; Incentive Tours; and Field Logistical support services. The Driver/Transport section of African Safaris has the highest number of staff – at 37 currently. With large operations in many parts of Africa, Pinnacle regularly trains its staff to keep up with the ever changing global conditions.

The range of services that Pinnacle offers is also increasing to meet new market demands and our experience to-date includes:

  • Safaris, Leisure and hospitality services
  • Logistics & Remote camp management services
  • Conference, Convention & Events management
  • Incentives Tours Management  
  • Lodge Management

Logistics and related services

We are a leader in international transport & logistics on the African continent.

Specific services under this division include the following;

  • Field camps management: managers, supervisors and support services
  • Overland transport: Small, medium and large Vehicle hire
  • Power generation: generators, air conditioning, large-scale electrical wiring
  • Lighting services: flood lights, portable light sets,
  • Catering services: food, drink and water
  • Language interpretation services
  • Accommodation services: Tentage and billeting
  • Maintenance: cleaning, housekeeping; janitorial services; laundry services
  • Storage: warehouse services including fire safety
  • Heavy equipment rental: generators, forklifts, bobcats and graders
  • Field sanitation: water supply, portable toilets, hand wash stations, showers, waste and trash handling services
  • malaria, tropical diseases and vector control;
  • Gardening

Safaris, leisure and hospitality services division

Our range of services explore the forgotten treasures of Africa, particularly in Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, and occasionally, Congo and now Kenya, and Tanzania, Ghana and Cameroon.

The diversity in East and Western Africa is almost unbelievable. Savannah, forest, jungle, mountain and wetland landscapes dramatically alter the wildlife in regularly. The diversity is cultural as well, with each area having a separate tribal history and language, ensuring that a visit to one community in East Africa is different to a community in West Africa.

In the East African areas live the mountain gorilla, the chimpanzee, some of the great game of Africa and thousands of amazing birds. In West Africa survive unique cultures that are sought-after by today’s distinguished traveler. Our expertise and knowledge of these areas is unrivaled. As a result, Pinnacle is the only company from the East African region that operates such services on such a large scale.

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