African Logistics

We are a leader in international transport & logistics on the African continent.

Specific services under this division include the following

  • Field camps management: managers, supervisors and support services
  • Overland transport: Small, medium and large Vehicle hire
  • Power generation: generators, air conditioning, large-scale electrical wiring
  • Lighting services: flood lights, portable light sets,
  • Catering services: food, drink and water
  • Language interpretation services
  • Accommodation services: Tentage and billeting
  • Maintenance: cleaning, housekeeping; janitorial services; laundry services
  • Storage: warehouse services
  • Heavy equipment rental: generators, forklifts, bobcats and graders
  • Field sanitation: water supply, portable toilets, hand wash stations, showers, waste and trash handling services
  • malaria and tropical diseases control; gardening; leisure facilities; fire safety; water


The company owns and operates both tour vehicles and heavy equipment, mostly Toyota for tour vehicles and other Japanese brands for the heavy equipment. All vehicles are 4WD, are well maintained and provide a pop up roof for game viewing. For clients’ convenience, we try to limit the number of people in one vehicle to 5-6 persons. This means that every guest can enjoy having a window seat and luggage can be stored comfortably.

In the logistics division we operate some equipment such as skid steer, trucks, compactor, loaders, dozers, graders and excavator. We operate the heavy equipment in a safe and appropriate manner. We also clean, maintain and secure all equipment, report on machine mechanical state and listen to all concerns and complaints of our patrons in a courteous and respectful manner.


  • Operate all heavy equipment in a safe and efficient manner
  • Perform daily safety and maintenance checks
  • Clean heavy equipment as scheduled and/or required
  • Ensure heavy equipment is safely and securely stored
  • Advise the Equipment Manager of any requirements for maintenance or repairs
  • Participate in routine maintenance
  • Practice workplace safety


We strive to hire only the best drivers, guides, and language interpreters. Because we hire locally, these ambassadors have extensive knowledge of local conditions. Our guides have the extra knack in flora and fauna, history, culture, geography.

Frequently cited as the best in the region and always sought after by repeat-guests, the guides are all local, utilising their expertise to welcome guests to their home and celebrate with them what Africa has to offer. With regular training they keep up to date knowledge on culture, peoples, fauna and culture.

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