Cameroon is one of major countries of operation, having opened up operations there since January 2015. The people are some of the best to work and while some speak French (the North especially), the English South is well positioned and the personalities and staff there are some of the most hardworking people you will find on the African continent.

Chenny Rachel was the first person to work with us, having played a crucial role in setting up our Cameroon operations in the Winter of 2014 in Douala. Chenny has a degree in Social Administration from the Cameroon University of Beau. Her sense of hospitality is second to none, and is always ready to meet and help with logistical work in that part of the world.




Asi Stanley Asi started working with us in the summer of 2015. he has since established himself as a dependable and professional part of our Team in Western Africa.

For any enquiries or work regarding our Cameroon operations, please call +237 675 66 4297 or +237 680 772 767

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