Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Tour


Ngamba Chimpanzee Island Tour: Chimp Viewing on Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Lake Victoria – 1 day or 3 days

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All about the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Tour.

There are daily boat cruises to Ngamba Chimpanzee Island from Entebbe Mainland. You can visit the Island for half a day (by speed boat) or take the traditional motorised canoe for a day in Lake Victoria to the Island.

Two main tourist activities are offered: chimp viewing from a raised wooden platform; or a walk to the chimp forest for closer contact with the legendary primates.

Click here for details of all Ngamba Island activities. Further below is our three-day proposed tour to the Chimpanzee Island Sanctuary.

This tour visits Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary on Lake Victoria. Situated 23km off shore from Entebbe, the Sanctuary was set up by a group of concerned organisations including Uganda Wildlife Education Centre and Jane Goodall Institute among others, to offer a facility for now over 50 orphaned chimpanzees to co-habitat in a natural environment. From Entebbe there are regular trips to the Chimp Island. Travelling is either by a modified traditional Ssese canoe sitting up to 25 participants, or a faster motor boat sitting 8 persons. The beautifully forested tropical island is almost 100 acres in size and boasts over 50 different types of vegetation that the chimps utilize.

  1. Day 1: Arrival to Ngamba

    Receive briefing and finalise arrangements for visiting the island with JGI management at their offices in Entebbe. Boat from Entebbe pier to Ngamba Island. Watch the evening feeding of the chimpanzees. [Approximate cruising time: 45 minutes for fast boat; 1½ hours for traditional boat]

  2. Day 2: Ngamba Island

    For those who have had the medical inoculations – a half day forest walk with the chimps.  This is a unique activity getting you close to the primates. Lunch. In the afternoon walk or boat transfer to a neighbouring village or go for bird watching or simply relax at Camp enjoying the lake shores. Watch the sun go down!

  3. Day 3: Return

    Another chimp walk in the morning. Boat transfer to Entebbe mainland. Drive to Kampala or to Entebbe airport in time for your flight.

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